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About Computer operator
Author:admin  Add Time:2007-09-29

Commuting time, the computer operator's voice prompt system to work in different time allocated to working time switchboard voice can be heard, working hours dial switchboard, voice can be heard the rest time

Unique high-capacity, can be self-recorded automated voice search system, truly automatic unattended
Built-in automatic check voice mail can be fully automatic unattended.

Installation is simple, do not change any part of the exchange equipment
Directly connected to the night service (duty) extension online, do not take the Victoria Line, ext gate count limitation,

Installation of remote control, recording and maintaining (without on-site coordination to achieve real password remote remote maintenance.)
Manufacturers can quickly get technical support, no worries.

Voice messages preserved forever
Users or manufacturers to provide live recording of voice messages with superior performance E2PROM memory preservation, the total elimination of blackout for some time lost voice data or the phenomenon of set procedures to ensure the voice data or programs stored permanently in the power failure.

High reliability
Type 1000D, 2000D dual-CPU cross-type were seized error correction systems, software and hardware "watch dog" technology and power control circuitry to ensure reliable machine operation.

AC and DC power compatible
Two AC-DC power supply, automatic switch, not afraid of power outages.

The most quiet assurance
Using optical and electrical isolation transformer dual interface, the complete elimination of all potential accidents, ensure the safety of switching equipment.

Dial performance art looting, digital balance technology to grab a substantial increase in allocation of receiver sensitivity.

Automatically detect the switch matches the parameter, intelligent auto set data.

Useful features
A variety of practical features for users to easily selected. Such as: ext busy automatically informed, no one answered the phone told this to work, rest time, this does not dial a wrong number or dial manually transfer service extension, automatic number query.

Complete series of products
Tom Lee 2000 series digital computer operator a total of five models of the nine specifications for the user to freely choose their perfect performance and good service and good service to meet the needs of various users.

Multi-segment voice notice, to meet the different needs of users

Debugging process monitoring functions (1000 D-type machine)

Enhance the "no entry calls" adaptive capacity of this switch is suitable for all kinds of exchange system.

Open "0" at the beginning of the extension.

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