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About Voice Mail
Author:admin  Add Time:2007-09-29

Check voice mail for the switch to stay sound
Voice mail with the user switch (PBX) can be achieved outside line automatically transferred to voice prompts, the second dial-up automatic forwarding,
Voice-dial code to access a variety of information, automated voice prompt extension state. Extension is busy or when no message can be recorded, there remain sound when the system automatically prompts the appropriate extension.

Voice mail phone number for virtual network automatically check
Virtual networks can use voice mail as a call center telephone numbers, telephone dial special telephone numbers directly to voicemail. Language
Music automatically introduces prompt, and prompt dial "1" to the particular content. Dial "2" to a content ', and further dial "1" or call
"2" can be heard the second mailbox's contents, a total of three, there are 233 voice prompt database queries can quickly find the necessary telephone numbers.

Voice mail can be used for other voice information inquiry
Such as automatic reporting oil, automatic weather forecast, automatic voice message service, voice prompts various fault sets, artificial services and messages, business Automatic Speech

Mail an unlimited number of
Arbitrarily set according to the number of voice mail extension number.

Artificial query sets can be set multiple
With the user switch (PBX) connection set up three groups of manual check units allocated different codes into different query sets.

Equipped with an automatic query-mail
Automatically check e-mail box in 10. The classification is mainly used for general information sheet query.

Equipped with three information check mail
TDX-9000 voice mail messages check box inside the three systems, each information query the information with sub-lo-mail, e-mail each another
Box of 10 points, a total of three. Mainly used for the classification numbers from the large number of inquiries, price inquiry. 're Looking for quickly found

Computer operator functions
Connect switch (PBX) is used. Voice prompts can be realized, the second dial-up, no answer voice prompts and voice prompts extension is busy,

Message tips
When the telephone extension with a message information. Voice prompts can have a message information corresponding ext. , Or light up the telephone extension corresponding message light

Message, voice prompt any length of time
Message length of time and voice prompts according to the computer's hard disk capacity may be. General 10G hard disk message and voice prompts can be
About 1000 hours the length of time.

TDX-9000 voice mail on the computer requirements:
Hardware: Pentium 166 or above. More than 32 megabytes of memory, above 1G hard disk, a CD-ROM, there is a corresponding ISA slot, the software runs on Windos 98
Above the desktop.

TDX-9000 voice mail card each block 4-way, maximum total of 16 plug 4.

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