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Tong Li attendant console introduced
Author:admin  Add Time:2007-09-29

Tom Lee attendant console introduced

1, attendant console form:

Tom Lee 9000 switch system attendant console consisting of the following:

1. DS-30 (headset type) digital functions attendant console;

2. Computer hardware

3. PC Call Software.

Posed above can be split to use as needed, but will affect the function and operation of attendant console.

Second, function (used) Description:

1. Use a headset or handle the call.

2.DS-30 direct button to display the account or directly outside (or extension).

3.DS-30 on display incoming call (internal, outside) the phone number.

4. The computer screen using the phone all the state.

5. Computer screen all calls using the phone number of state and the incoming breath.

6. To dismantling, strong plug, monitor low-level phone.

7. To retain key retained an outside line (a telephone) or keep using the system (50 phones).

8. Attendant console call, in the DS-30 can be displayed on the outside line incoming call waiting situation.

Third, the operation (used) Description:

1. Transfer Tel:

DS-30, press shift key + ext + SPK key (or handle hang up)

2. Accounted for outside:

By idle outside line button or dial directly "0"

3. Dismantling, strong plug, monitor:

By "The demolitions ----" key + ext + ENTER key

4. Retain the functional:

Outside line incoming call, press "HOLDMUSIC" button to retain the telephone call

5. Wake Up:

Computer into the "services" to "wake-up settings check" Set

6. Disturb:

Computer into the "services" to "Disturb" setting

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