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TL-9000X main function switch
Author:admin  Add Time:2007-09-29

TL-9000X main function switch

1. CND follow me inside, outside calls by forwarding, it can display to the extension

2. Manager, Secretary Tel: Using keying feature phone functions plus dedicated managers realize Manager Secretary Secretary of telephony features

3. Billing: billing and delayed billing inverse pole

4. Billing print output (SMDR port)

5. If a single output mode: switch with six kinds of single-output mode, then

6. To support voice mail systems (with non-supervised work)

7. Abbreviated Dialing: 10 groups dialing system, each extension dialing 10 groups, each head of the 1 ~ 26

8. IP Board to function: trunk can be set to the IP Office, IP code automatically added fat

9. Final joint Board to function: can realize a different outside line access (such as local telephone calls with the other shows follow me inside, outside calls by forwarding, it can display to the extension

10. Automatic economic routing (telephone value-added features)

11. Light message light function

12. Keying feature phone (digital exclusive phone), TL-9000 series switches use 24-key phone keying functions (dedicated phone number)

13. Keying feature phone (dedicated phone number) to achieve group broadcast call feature; to realize the phone system can be monitored in the keys, a key function call, etc.

14. Keying features caller ID phone speed can be displayed when the phone rings, Caller ID

15. Redial: Press "Redial" key or "#" key to redial the last outside number

16. Telephone billing: You can query, statistics, search phone records and other accounting records if single-mode

17. Call us: Call accounting software support call record, query, statistics

18. Telephone management: flexibly control information such as special phone sets, control all charges

19.15 square telephone conference call (subject to additional telephone conference module)

20. Monitor (one-way), strong interpolation, demolitions and other scheduling functions

21. Working hours fixed, manual or automatic change extension grade, duty extension functions, to identify weekend.

22. Ext level: The system has 10 extension level, each level can be set to 1000 Group 1 ~ 16 open code and lock number

23. TL-9000 system with a total of 5000 group, the 1 ~ 16 level lock system locks and No. No.

24. Phone temporary function: (50 registers) have to call the phone into the register, the after recall (dynamic retention and back), and telephone functions of broadcasting the same time to form a modern office use phone using the system

25. Alarm function: can realize the same time wake-up calls 150

26. Ext lock

27. Call on behalf of the pick Group: phone group, on behalf of the pick can be simple ("*#" behalf of the phone)

28. Two kinds of signaling protocol extension: Each extension can work in full control mode or monitor mode, the external device access to safe and reliable when

29. Music: music through the external music source to any user to change the relay switch extension access), through the joint Board to set the final extension to use the same way

30. All-digital exchange: digital time division switching method, safe and reliable

31. CND group vibration: vibration extension may also participate in group shows within and outside the line to enter the call number

32. Group vibration and vibration on behalf of the pick Group: a total of 30 groups based vibration group, achieving at the same time to ring if

33. Outside incoming telephone number when the group of vibration can be (not limited to telephone another number)

34. Bypass function: to set the bypass number, dial the number automatically bypass the fixed relay

35. Sub-units: sub-unit can be set to 30 and group any number of extensions, can be combined to achieve on behalf of the phone, group vibration group, watch groups, radio groups and other functions

36. In the Group Group: support group the relay board, each relay group can have any number of relay, with the extension of the relay route out of the definition of the right to use and can be out of multiple relay Board to functions

37. Remote maintenance: through the telephone network and the Internet, LAN, computer networking, remote control

38. Mention machine through an outside line: can be set to put out machine directly connected to an outside line

39. Outside line booking

40. Extension to show the extension number

41. Support the keying feature phone (digital exclusive phone), Putonghua, computer and remote control maintenance program

42. Busy transfer, following the transfer, hotline, do not disturb, etc.

43. Spare battery interface (TL-9000EK type excluded)

44. Ext total clear function: to support all the features of the extension while the total clearing

45. Dial "0" extension automatically selects an outside line exhaled

46. Ext generation to take any ringing phone

47. Can be connected to various types of additional equipment

Such as: special keying feature phone, caller ID phone, PC computer, music source, modems, fax machines, voice mail, etc.

48. E / M relay board, E1 digital relay board; E1 digital relay (2M) Signaling by: 1 signaling, SS7, 30B + D Signaling (K-type excluded)

49. Tandem network function

50. Full flexibility in coding from 0 to 9 (Note: median 1 ~ 4 can co-exist), I do not know the internal code to support direct extension under elastic coding

51. Extension with inner level functions can be realized inside each phone can not dial, effective control of nuisance calls inside

52. On behalf of the dial: the switchboard or secretary to dial phone numbers, called extension telephone dial outside numbers directly on behalf of the

53. Transfer the caller: outgoing call transfer support

54. Call hotel billing software support software, providing a single COM port mode and anti-control data would provide papers and anti-control data if one

55. Support the management and control multiple computers

56. Call billing software for managing hierarchical operator, the operator may limit the scope of operations

57. Hotel Check-out support for automatic payment by telephone extension function always clear

58. Green function: supports relay line, by the use of a specific extension

59. Alternate Call: allows a phone extension at the same time with the two sides alternately call

60. Account features: can use the 5000 Group accounts (account number digits from 1 to 4, the password digits 1 to 6 from the set) has an account and the account resides roaming function

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