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Communication industry wide prospect
Author:admin  Add Time:2012-06-19

Our country independent research and development TD-LTE technology to become international report couplet additionally one of 4 G standard: TD-LTE has received a wide range of international influence. Japan softbank, Saudi Arabia STC, mobily, Brazil sky Brazil, Poland Aero2 and many other international operators have begun to commercial or the commercial TD-LTE network.
LTE technology advantages: through the OFDM technology can effectively resist frequency selective attenuation, and reduce the isi and improve spectrum efficiency; Through more than a MIMO into technology can effectively improve the data throughput and transmission capacity, and increases the signal coverage ability.

Global LTE construction into climax: global each big operators is expected in the next three years will be built around the world more than 500000 TD-LTE base station, terminal of more than 100, covering more than 2 billion people. (turn from sohu)

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