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Size:D425W390H140 (mm)

Capacity: Max. 144 ports

Dimension: D425W390H140 (mm)

Transmission: PCM A-law CCITT G.711/712

Switching: Non-blocking TDM switching matrix of 64kbits/s

Power Supply: AC 90-264V 50-60Hz, DC -48V (+12.5%/-12.5%) with Battery charger

Power Consumption: 320W

Electro Magnetic Compatibility: Conform to IEC6100-4 Class A

Safety: Conform to EN60950-1:2001

Environmental Condition: -5 to 45 °C

Quality: In accordance to ISO9001

Interface: Analogue Extension (16 cct/bd, Loop current 18~40mA, programmable impedance)

      Digital Extension (2 wire, 8 or 16 cct/bd)

          Analogue Trunks (8 cct/bd, Subscriber signaling, Polarity detection, Busy tone detection)

    Digital Trunk (E1/PRI, ETSI ISDN/NET5 30B+D, MFC R2, CSS7)

    Analogue Tie-line (EM 4 wire)

    Mobile phone: GSM 900/1,800

    VoIP: SIP trunk 4 or 8 circuit

    Others: Door phone, SMDR, Maintenance


System function

  • Distinctive Ringing (tone or melody)
  • Automatic recognize peripheral hardware
  • SMDR store up to 1500 records
  • Build-in Auto attendance (1 circuit)
  • Extension budget control
  • LCCR Least cost call routing
  • Build-in music on hold
  • Conversation time limit
  • Wake-up
  • Incoming call filtering
  • Voice mail connection (support both on/off hook protocol)


Trunk function

  • CID Caller ID display support (DTMF/FSK)
  • Answer signal recognition (Polarity reversal/threshold time)
  • Transit connection
  • Max. external digit length = 16
  • Direct in dialing
  • Incoming call barred
  • Reroute DID unsuccessful call
  • Flexible trunk access code


Extension function

  • Abbreviated Dialling (ABD) Common or Individual
  • Add-on Conference (3 parties)
  • Automatic Ring Back (ARB)
  • Automatic Trunk Find (ATF)
  • Call Intrusion/Break In
  • Break in protected
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID display (FSK/DTMF)
  • External CID progressive display
  • CID display on all group members when call to group
  • Call Waiting Indication
  • General cancellation of Set Functions
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Dual Directory Number to One Extension Hardware
  • One Directory Number for 2 Extension Hardware
  • Enquiry/Hold (Initiated by pressing earth button, Dial key tone digit or Hook flash)
  • Progressive enquiry
  • Music on hold
  • Extension Log On/Off
  • By PID to set extension Up/Down grade
  • Follow Me (FM)
  • FM on the move
  • FM to external (Max. 16 external digits)
  • Group Function (Max. 30 group/unlimited members)
  • Group hunting
  • Call pick up within group
  • Call pick up barred
  • Ring all group members
  • CID to all group members
  • Absence/presence by member
  • Call forwarding when all members absence
  • Hot Line (Immediate/Delay)
  • Last External Number Repetition
  • Listen In
  • Activate Message Indication
  • Multi Party Conference (5 parties, Max. 3 groups)
  • Pay Phone Connection (Provide line reversal signal to pay phone when called party answer)
  • Personal Identity Dialling (PID) 5,000 PID with 1~4 number, password 1~6 digit
  • Priority Access to Trunk Line
  • Post Dialing
  • Redial Until Connect (External call)
  • Restriction of External Call
  • DID barred
  • Incoming exchange line barred
  • Secrecy Call
  • Restricted CID to called party
  • Set Function Timing (By extension/Operator)
  • Shuttle/Transfer
  • Shuttle with forced release
  • Transfer before or after called party answer
  • Single Digit Dialing
  • Traffic Class (TC) 10 levels (0 ~ 9) for internal TC, by system timer (Max. 30 period for day TC)
  • Up/Down Grade Traffic Class by PID
  • Twining (With internal number/external number)

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